True Sustainable Energy

Most alternative home energy systems, including solar and wind systems, are dependent upon home battery backup to store the energy accumulated from these alternative power generating energy sources.

Home Battery Backup

A Lithium ion home battery backup system the LiT Home Energy Storage Station is considered to be the best option for storing the energy of the sun, wind, or any form of power generation. Our advanced LiT lithium technology is available for consumer or industrial use.

Industrial Energy Storage Solutions

Lithium Ion Technologies can provide cost-effective power storage solutions for home energy battery backup, or industrial scale solar grid tied systems. Using one of the most advanced softwares on the market for peak-shaving, Lithium Ion Technologies can provide a sustainable value to many businesses looking to reduce overall power consumption, reduce electricity costs, or simply Go Green. With the one of the lowest costs per cycle on the market Lithium Ion Technologies can provide an Energy Storage Solution for any situation.

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Lithium Ion Technologies
Lithium Ion Technologies

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