LiT® Energy Station


Easy Installation Energy Storage Station

It is designed to allow easy wall-mounted or floor-standing installation


Long Life & High Safety Performance Home Battery Back-up

The superior safety advantage of LiT cells & BPS provide the safest performance on the market for the lifetime of the system


High IP Level

It can be used both indoor and outdoor with IP65 standard


Compatible to a variety of Inverters

such as Darfon, Solax, Growatt, as well as most inverters on the market.


LiT Warranty

1,000,000 Cycle 10 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty


Operating Data

Total Energy (KWH) 7.86
Usable Energy (KWH) 6.08
Capacity (AH) 150
Nominal Voltage (V) 51.2
Voltage Range (V) 40-58.4
Lifespan >4000 (10 Years)
Dimensions (In.) 43.4 X 41.8 X 5.71
Weight (Lbs.) 276
Enclosed Protection Rating Ip65
Installation Wall Mounted or Floor Standing
Warranty 1,000,000

10 Year Limited Lifetime

Communication Rs485