UP To 10X Life

Our lithium batteries have a life span of 10 lead acid batteries

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60% Faster Charge

Our batteries can charge from completely dead to 100% full charge in one hour

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Up To 70% Lighter

Lithium-ion batteries are one-third the weight of lead acid batteries

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Maintenance Free

No need for  maintenance or up keep on the battery itself

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Built In Protection

Our lithium batteries have a built in Battery Management System (BMS)

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Safest Battery

No explosions or fires possible with our battery

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100% DOD

Our battery will perform for over 5,000 cycles at 100% DOD, compared to only cycle 500 times at 80% DOD with a lead acid battery

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Best Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty on our line of Lithium Ion Batteries that guarantees it to be free of manufacturer defects

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Wide Range of Applications

There is an almost unlimited list of applications and uses for our batteries

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Applications & Usage








Golf Carts


A DROP IN Replacement & Smarter Sustainable Solution for Lead Acid, AGM, & Gel Batteries

Lithium Ion Technologies advanced battery systems are a significant upgrade from traditional batteries such as Lead Acid or AGM models.

  Plug & Go for any application currently using a traditional battery.

   Our advanced lithium batteries can be connected in series and parallel to provide power for a wide range of applications.

  Each battery has built in Battery Protection System (BPS) that maximizes the performance and safety of the battery by automatically balancing the cells and protecting them from being over charged or over dis-charged.

The Advantages Of Lithium Ion Technologies® Batteries VS. Lead Acid Batteries

Lithium Ion Technologies® batteries are the future of sustainable energy storage

Weighing up to 70% less than the standard lead acid battery, our Lithium Batteries can significantly reduce the weight of any application thus improving performance and mobility with our sacrificing saftey.

Built to last, Lithium Ion Batteries have a life span of up to 10X times longer than traditional lead batteries. Battery life is measured in cycles and a 12v Lithium Ion Technologies® battery will perform for over 5,000 cycles at 100% DOD compared to lead acid battery (which will cycle only 500 times at 80% DOD).

That is TEN lead batteries you would have to buy to last the duration of ONE single Lithium Ion Technologies® battery thus making lithium the cheapest option over time.

Another cost factor to consider is the time it takes to charge a lead acid battery. Lithium Ion Technologies® batteries can be fast charged to 100% unlike a lead battery. The final 20% of a lead battery CANNOT be fast charged like the first 80% and what often happens is a lead acid battery is pulled off the charger before the full charge occurs, which then prematurely ages the battery leading to an even shorter and shorter life span. 

Lithium Ion Technologies® batteries charge lightning fast and some will charge in as little as 30 minutes . If for some reason you do not have the time to charge the battery to full 100% you will not damage it or jeopardize the life span and the battery will still produce consistent green energy.

My father and I had been building an electric hunting vehicle for our property in Texas. We are very impressed with the attention to detail your staff provided. We love our new batteries!


Thank you for everything. Your products are very easy to understand and work exactly as you described. I still have not been able to drain them in one day of trolling even with strong winds and current holding my trolling motor back. These batteries rock!

Wes Walker

Your customer service is very good, quick replies to my emails and always answer the phone. Our company is driven from our relationships with our suppliers, and we will continue ordering from Lithium Ion Technologies.
I have researched lithium ion batteries for the past year. Our company requires strict standards for quality and service from a supplier. When I came across Lithium Ion Technologies at the Battery Show in Detroit I thought the product was to be too good to be true. After a trip to your office in Florida and meeting your team we were very impressed. We now sell your products and our customers love them.

Charles B

I am a truck driver and purchased two of your 12v100ah lithium batteries. Wow! I am blown away by the performance. I can now run all my auxiliary power all night long.

Paul G.

My wife is confined to an electric mobile scooter. She was having problems with the distance she traveled each day. We found Lithium Ion Technologies when searching for best deep cycle battery and decided to give them a try. Now my wife can get where she needs to go every day and we can't believe how fast they charge! My wife has her freedom back. Thank you Lithium Ion Technologies.

Ralph Rohs

These batteries are incredible! I replaced my golf cart batteries with one lithium battery. Now I am noticing a faster top end speed, my cart is going farther than ever before, and it will re charge unbelievably fast!!

Tom Hall

The team at Lithium Ion Technologies is by far one of the best our company has ever partnered with. We get nothing but great reviews from our dealers regarding Lithium Tech.

Matthew Babcock (Solex Corp)

Our organization reached out to Lithium Ion Technologies with the need for assistance in creating a solar charged power system for a project with an international distributor of ours. The engineering team at Lithium Ion Technologies was incredible and after engineering was complete, production had our systems built and delivered to us for testing in less than two weeks.

Joey, Always Empowered

Thank you to Ethan W. for a great buying experience! Ethan was able to help me with the multiple questions I had and was very helpful with selecting the perfect battery system for my husbands boat. My husband said, This was the best Birthday ever!" Now he spends his weekends on the water and I get to spend mine reading in peace and quiet!

Jeanette Wilson

My family lives in Puerto Rico and has been badly effected by Irma.
We have 16 people living together. There are more than enough volunteers here,but no supplies. We have been without power and have no idea when it will be restored.
My father had been having problems breathing and can not use his oxygen machine. My family was very worried and felt helpless watching him get worse.
I saw your advertisment of Facebook and reached out to Paul on your International sales team. Paul was able to arrange the shipment of two 48v100ah Lithium batteries along with solar panels and an inverter by airplane to us. We now have power for dad and our family is forever grateful.
Thank you so much for your great customer service Paul. We are very impressed with the product! My family has been telling all of our friends about you and Lithium Ion Technologies."

Pedro J.

I used the 20ah for my boat and saying it’s incredible would be a understatement. My lights shine longer and brighter for a battery that weighs only a few pounds compared to my 75lb lead battery."

Eddie E.

Examples of Usage