What If You Never Had To Change Your Batteries Again?

12V Lithium Marine Battery You Can Trust

Whether you’re sailing across the world or cruising around the lake on your boat, or personal watercraft vehicle, LiT Lithium ion batteries are your SAFE sustainable power solution. With LiT 12 volt Lithium Marine batteries having a life span more than a decade long and a 1,000,000 cycle 10 year limited lifetime warranty, one can have peace of mind in an investment in an environmentally conscious power source and the durable choice for any application on the water!

Consider the following advantages of lithium:

Maintenance FREE

When you really think about it: Lead acid batteries need a lot of care. When you’re on the road, you have enough to worry about without having to take care of a battery. Lead acid marine batteries have the following upkeep requirements:

  • Charge frequently
  • Add water when the electrolyte level falls
  • Operate at mild temperatures
  • Avoid deep discharges
  • Routinely apply charges lasting longer than 14 hours

Luckily, there’s a more LiT solution. Our LiT Lithium Marine batteries are 100% maintenance free. No more having to worry about battery water levels.


#BoatLife #YachtLife

Whether taking summer trips to Cancun, across the beaches of the world or in your backyard lake you may use your boat all year long, but at some point it might need to be stored.

While you may wish you spent more time living on your boat, you will have the comfort of knowing your LiT 12 volt Lithium Marine batteries are safe when you’re not using it. Lead acid batteries deteriorate quickly when they’re not recharged every day. On the other hand, LiT batteries have a much longer shelf life, allowing you to store your boat safely with little drop in voltage.

For all of those who have the luxury of traveling and sailing the highseas of the world all year and living the #saillife or #yachtlife having a LiT 12v Marine battery as your energy storage solution is the best option on the market. Having the ability to operate at temperatures lower than any lead acid battery our LiT Lithium Marine Batteries can out preform most every battery on the market. The batteries here at Lithium Ion Technologies are wise investment for sustainable energy storage for any application on the water.

Efficient Charging and Energy Storage

Lithium Ion Technologies’ Marine batteries are far more functional than lead acid alternatives, charging at nearly 100 % efficiency.

Lithium Ion Technologies battery efficiency is also helpful when you’re storing solar power. With a LiT Lithium Marine battery, you get the maximum amount of energy from your solar panels, so you have more than enough power for your vessel by the time the sun sets across the horizon.

Lighter Weight

LiT Lithium boat batteries are a third of the weight of a lead acid alternative. This makes a major difference in your boat’s top speed and fuel efficiency. Whether you’re racing your boat, participating in a fishing competition, or traversing the high seas, a higher top speed can provide a serious advantage.

Lighter lithium-ion batteries reduce your boat’s draft, making it easier to travel through shallow waters. Providing you an opportunity to take your boat through shallower parts of a river, along the lake’s edge or even right up close to a sunny beach in Florida.

Safest Lithium Marine Battery

A yacht, boat or personal water craft is not just a way to have fun; but a major financial investment from the start. LiT Lithium Marine batteries are equipped with a built in battery protection system (BPS) to insure that your family and pets stay safe during your vacation or voyage across the open water.

Eco-Friendly Lithium Marine Battery

LiT Lithium Marine batteries create less waste than lead acid alternatives because they last 10 times as long. As an added bonus, our batteries are easily recyclable.

Whether you’re cruising at 15knots across the open ocean to Bermuda, fishing on a crystal lake, or trying to stay skinny on the river  bass fishing  we aim to provide you with technology to help reduce your environmental impact so future generations are able to enjoy the same breath-taking views and exhilarating journey.

Lithium RV batteries allow you to power your #boatlife or #yachtlife with clean energy, especially if you’re using our flexible solar panels to caoture the bright sun rays. With 100 % charging efficiency you will be able to reduce your carbon emissions by being able to not fire up that old gas hogging generator. For the greenest source of energy, choose a LiT Lithium Marine battery.


1,000,000 Cycle/ Ten Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

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