About Lithium Ion Technologies

Founded on the concept of giving our customers the most efficient, robust, and safest lithium ion batteries available, Lithium Ion Technologies stands alone in the industry.

As one of the worlds largest producer of lithium iron phosphate cells, our factory has the ability to produce an astounding 800,000 cells every day. Our state of the art facility and amazing team is the first to successfully engineer and develop modular packs working seamlessly in series or parallel in almost any application.

Obtaining hundreds of international patents the Research and Development team of over 700 works hard daily to keep us at the top of our industry and has won many notable awards. With over 6000 employees there is no “Can not” in our vocabulary. Our LIVE sales staff are eager to help you today!

Our factories products are currently used in over 30 countries and our quality production process surpasses industry standards as indicated by numerous quality certifications including ISO, VDE, TUV, CE, IEC, UL, MSC, BPPT and Gold Sun. Maintaining such quality standards allows us to export our lithium ion batteries to all parts of the world. While the applications of lithium battery power systems is undergoing a huge expansion, the foundational components of high power, long life, reliability, safety, low self-discharge, high efficiency, and environmental protection remain hallmarks of our technology.

We thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to earn your business. Our staff look forward to assisting you with any application or development. Reach out to us today and experience our un-paralleled customer service.