• Cells – LiT® products are built with 3.2V 5AH cylindrical Lithium Ion Cells. Each cell is designed with explosion proof stainless steel casing, flame retardant electrolyte, and a thermal fuse. LiT®3.2V 5AH cells are mass produced with production capabilities reaching 220,000 cells per day. Our latest factory opened in July 2013 will raise our production to over 500,000 cells per day.

  • Design – LiT® cells are bolted together to increase strength, conductivity and quality design of our LiFePO4 batteries. The cells are bolted through length way circuit boards that provide additional strength, balancing, and short circuit protection. In the unlikely event one or more cells were to fail the circuit boards will take that cell(s) off line and allow the battery to continue to function normally at 12V with little reduced capacity.

  • Balancing – LiT® cells are grouped together based on 10 consistencies when building each battery pack. The bolted cell design provides a stronger connection for less resistance and more current conductivity. Along with passive balancing through the length way circuit boards, these batteries maintain the highest overall pack capacity and are designed to last 3000 – 5000 cycle.

  • Reliability – LiT® replacement Lithium Ion Batteries have been in production and sold to commercial and consumer markets for nearly 10 years.

  • Customer Service – We are available 7 days a week, late hours, and even most holidays to support our worldwide client base. Most calls will always be answered by a live LiT®representative who is knowledgeable and friendly. If your

      call is not answered right away, we will return your call promptly in the order we

      receive it.

  • Commitment – LiT® also takes great pride in understanding your concerns and demands. Please let us know how we are doing. Any suggestions or comments about our products are highly appreciated.

  • Applications – LiT® products are used in hundreds of applications like Electric Vehicles, RV’s, Boats, Cars, Robotics, Telecommunications, Military, Industrial, and Recreational equipment. Our flawless track record of reliability, consistency, and quality is why we are the leading supplier of drop in replacement lithium ion batteries worldwide.

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