Battery Design


The LiT®  cell (Model 32650) LiFePO4 has a capacity of over 6AH with 3000-5000 Life Cycles. The ratio of weight against energy is 130Wh/Kg. The Life of the battery can reach up to 15 years. Each cell is bolted together for strength and efficient electrical conduction. All of which are connected to the internal battery protection system.


  1. Upon high temperature, the diaphragm shuts down the inner ion cell.

  1. If the cell casing senses high internal pressure, the positive and external current will cut off.

  1. If the internal pressure is over 1.5 Mpa, the valve will safely discharge the pressure.


We match and group our cells together during assembly based on 10 Factors.

  1. Self Discharge

  2. Voltage

  3. Inner Impedance

  4. Capacity

  5. Cycle Life

  6. Platform

  7. Constant Current Rate

  8. Cell Power Control

  9. Parallel Module Control

  10. Finished Battery Control


Each battery cell is designed to individually protected & monitored by our advanced BPS, ensuring the best performance possible. Each internal cell also has a built in fuse installed for extra safety protection. The fuse will disconnect if the system senses any malfunctions.

BPS (Battery Protection System) PROTECTS AGAINST

  1. Over Charging

  2. Over Discharging

  3. Short Circuit

  4. Low Voltage

  5. Temperature

  1. Balancing Loss

  2. Voltage Leaking


  1. 1. 10x Longer Life

  2. 70% Less Weight

  3. 60% More Energy Density

  4. 99.1% Efficient

  5. 100% Built In Protection

  6. Zero Maintenance

  7. No Explosions Or Fire

  8. Easy Drop In Replacement

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